The passion behind Unlock Home, Christa Melton

Christa Melton, Founder of Unlock Home, has made it her mission to educate and inspire others to bring more happiness into their homes. Fueled by decades of creating spaces for laughter, sharing and connection, Christa realized she could inspire others to do the same. Too often, we forget that we can simply connect to our 5 senses to unlock feelings of happiness and joy. Christa finds her happiness encouraging others to create meaningful spaces that celebrate every season.

Christa is all about letting people in, allowing your space to sing with personality, to tell YOUR story. It’s the key to unlocking doors and opening them to all the possibilities that relationships can inspire. She creates products that are unique, that enhance conversation and packages them up in a well designed trunk that makes you smile. The central focus of  Unlock Home is the website, blog, product brand, videos and other projects that help weave the textures of the season into our daily lives that bring happiness and joy and allows us to relish in the most simple of things – sharing laughter and a cup of tea with a neighbor, reading a book in a hammock, having a glass of wine and winding down from your day with loved ones in a warm, welcoming environment.  It’s a movement Christa is determined to share, spread and help grow.


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