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Mexican Flag – 7 Days of Cinco De Mayo


Day 7:

Cinco de Mayo is almost here! There is nothing more festive than turning your food into a Mexican flag, plus it’s super simple!


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The Mexican flag is a vertical striped tricolor flag. It has green, white and red stripes. Make kaboobs using green grapes, marshmallows and strawberries for your first themed treat.


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Rice krispy treats with mexican flag frosting will go perfectly with your oreo tacos! The dessert table will be the talk of the party with these fun treats.

You can also get creative with sweet green and red peppers. Separate them with a line of white cheese and you have another delicious flag treat!


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All of these sweet treats will accent your amazing party decor making this the best fiesta yet! Very little prep time required for these treats which means more time for you to sip on a marg and enjoy connecting with your friends and family!

Time to celebrate!


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Glitz & Gold Fiesta- 7 days of Cinco de Mayo


Day 6:

In true Season in a Trunk fashion it’s time to get a little glitzy with our Cinco de Mayo fiesta! I love adding a little…who am I kidding, A LOT of sparkle to any occasion. I mean what’s a party if you aren’t vacuuming up sparkles for the next week?

So lets bust out our glitter maracas and twinkle lights to get this party started!


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First of all, it is not a fiesta without a pinata! No matter how old you are a pinata is always a good idea, one that is gold and sparkly…even better.

Add sparkle to your champagne or shot glasses! It’s simple, just add a sticky rhinestone strip onto any party glasses you have. I got my strips from Michaels.

fiesta-party-tequila-barPhoto Courtesy

I LOVE tequila but that’s no secret! A tequila bar is a must at any fiesta I throw.

Use gold mylar fringe, patterned runners and bright flowers or ribbons to complete the party.

This fiesta is just another excuse to break out our chalkboard! Glitter the frame and then add clever sayings! My favorite is “Fiesta like there is no manana!”


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Gold spray paint a sombrero, glitter your maracas, and get ready to party hard!

Cinco de Mayo is almost here!



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Cerveza Por Favor! – 7 Days of Cinco de Mayo

7 days of Cinco

Day 4: 

There is nothing more refreshing on a warm May afternoon than a cold cerveza! Yesterday we celebrated a great bottle of tequila, now let’s hand it off to a great beer. If you are looking for an awesome centerpiece for your Cinco de Mayo party look no farther than the cold beer in your hand!

Coronas make both the perfect beer to pair with a fresh taco and the perfect bottle to create a variety of centerpieces, here’s two options to WOW your guests:

Colorful Water in Corona Bottles 

cinco 1

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This way is easy and quick! Perfect for a last minute centerpiece. Just add some food dye to the water, pair with some beautiful flowers and you’re done! It takes longer to drink the beer than it does to create and you would not believe how many compliments I got!

Now on to the dificil (hard) way…

Painted Corona Bottles

corona insta

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Painted Corona bottles takes your centerpiece to the next level. This version of the centerpiece just takes a little more time and patience!

Step 1: Pick out your favorite paint colors to match your party decor. Then drip paint inside, turn and roll bottle around until all sides are covered.

corona pink paint

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Step 2: Place the bottles upside down so the excess paint can run out. Let the paint dry, this may take a few hours, then add a few more coats. Add as many or as few coats as you would like, the more coats the brighter the colors!

corona upside down insta

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Once they are all dry, add some water and flowers!

Now go out and FIESTA!


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10 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts



It is time to honor the strongest, bravest, most caring women we all know…our AMAZING mothers! There are no words to describe the admiration we have for our mother’s, but for just one day a year we get to force her to slow down and dedicate a day to celebrate her strength.

If your mother is like mine she is the absolute WORST to shop for, no matter the holiday all she wants is to “spend time with you”. Touching…but totally not helpful.

This year I wanted to give my mother a gift as unique as she is, so here are 10 ideas of Mother’s Day gifts that will blow her away! (and your siblings gifts out of the water)

1. Blessing Bands- I am in LOVE with these personalized bracelets by Amy Waltz Designs. The mix of metals are the perfect accent for your spring/summer attire! Give your mom a boost of power, strength and courage with these personal power bangles. They are hand engraved, hand hammered and hand soldered. Packaged beautifully and ready to be gifted for the perfect mother’s day offering.


 Photo Courtesy 

2. Live Succulent Wreath-Flowers are never a bad idea but this year try something different! Send a hand-crafted living wreath made with live succulents, a modern twist on a classic  wreath.  Thank you Urban Farm Girls for creating beautiful works of art. Every mom would love this masterpiece for mother’s day.



3. DIY Coffee mug- What better way to flatter your mother than showing her how much self-confidence she has instilled in you! This gift will make her giggle and think of you every single morning.


Photo courtesy  

4.Do not forget Grandma! – Grandmas are like moms with frosting! Do not forget to celebrate the women  you can always run to when your parents tell you NO! Make this fun DIY project.



Photo courtesy 

5. The Brunch Trunk- Throw your mother a brunch or give her the perfect starter kit to throw her own! All the accents in this trunk double as the perfect home decor for spring and summer!



6. Mother’s day nesting necklace- For the mother who built the perfect nest for her babies. These darling birds will perch happily on her collar bone and bring springtime cheer to your wardrobe no matter what season.


Photo Courtesy

7. Recycled Barn Metal Heart- No matter the occasion it seems like Bittersweet Springs has a sign for the occasion. Mother’s Day is no exception, there is no easier way to show your love than giving your heart.



8. Personalized Tile Coasters- This DIY project is easy and so much fun! Give the gift of her favorite faces in the world. Put the memories in a place where she can see them every single day. Plus this project cost around $5!

e3e5e43180e30dc2_thumbtile.previewPhoto courtesy

9. “Love the Wine your with” canteen-  I learned from my mother how to really love wine…because to be honest she had to drink ALOT of it to survive my teenage years. This canteen can hold an entire bottle of wine and is perfect for an outside adventure!




10. A hammock- This is the perfect gift for a the woman who refuses to relax until everyone else is taken care of aka NEVER! Just add a margarita or that book she has been dying to read, even better yourself for some mamma snuggles, and this may be her favorite gift ever!

unnamedAdding a special note to any of these gifts will make it a keepsake she will never forget. So on May 10th (DO NOT FORGET) show the greatest mom in the world how lucky you feel to have her.



How to Make Limoncello


We are loving lemons this week at Season in a Trunk!  So we decided to take it a step further and bring in our own personal hooch expert, the fabulous Valerie Reddemann!  She has prepared a fantastic step-by-step guide to making her delicious Limoncello. Thanks Valerie for sharing your recipe with us!


photo courtesy

I love lemons. In fact, I believe I may have a bit of a problem. From the time I was a small child I have been obsessed with this zinger of a fruit. At the tender age of 5 I’d pluck one off the tree, poke a hole using a sharp branch and then proceed to suck the living life out of it. My mother used to shake her head at me and warn that I’d wear the enamel off of my teeth if I continued to eat so many. Four decades later, my enamel is still standing and my love of all things tart hasn’t diminished a bit. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to lemon recipes.

You can imagine my excitement when our most recent home came with a Meyer lemon tree bursting with fruit. Nestled in a nook protected by two walls of the house, it flourishes. Then the inevitable happened: we found ourselves lemoned out. That’s when my husband came up with the idea of making our own limoncello. And lemon vodka. And….you get the idea. Next thing you know, we’ve turned into a regular hooch factory.

There are endless recipes of limoncello available on the web. Some claim you can make it from vodka. Don’t. If you are going to use vodka then make lemon vodka. If you want to make limoncello, make it the way the pros do by using pure grain alcohol (195 proof) as it best extracts the oils from the lemon zest. Trust me on this. The final alcohol proof of the limoncello is closer to vodka once you’ve mixed with the simple syrup so it packs a bit less punch.



19 lemons (I prefer Meyer due to their slightly sweeter flavor and intense aroma)

1.75L Everclear (59 oz) or other pure grain alcohol

3.85lbs sugar

59 oz water

Wide mouth, sealable glass container (I like the 2.5Liter Weck jars)

Sealable bottles for finished product


This is a two-step process taking place over four weeks.

Step 1:

• Carefully zest all 19 lemons. Use a quality zester as it only captures the peel (the white pith will make your end product bitter) and makes the zesting process relatively effortless.

• Place all the zest in the glass container.

• Pour the pure grain alcohol over the zest.

• Seal the jar and place on a cool, dark shelf for 4 weeks swishing contents on occasion. At the end of the four weeks move on to step 2.

Step 2:

• Make a simple syrup by mixing all of the sugar (3.85lb) and water (59oz) together in a big soup pot. You are going to have close to a gallon of finished product so make sure your vessel is big enough. For maximum taste, make your simple syrup at room temperature instead of on the stove. It takes a bit longer, but the finished product is much better. Pour yourself a glass of wine and take your time stirring until all the sugar is completely dissolved. It should be clear when done. Set aside.

(*note: for our first batch, we used a raw cane sugar which gave it a gorgeous amber color and rich flavor. For our second batch, we used traditional white sugar giving it the more standard yellow color.)

• Strain your lemon alcohol twice through two layers of cheesecloth. This captures any of the small pieces of peel and prevents your limoncello from solidifying if frozen.

• Pour your twice strained lemon alcohol slowly into the simple syrup stirring constantly. Stir until it’s thoroughly mixed.

• Pour into bottles of your choice – see below. (For serving, I happen to be in love with the hobnail jars available at Season In a Trunk)

• Store at room temperature (shelf life = 1year) or for maximum enjoyment, keep an open bottle in your freezer.

• Enjoy!

Additional notes:

– Get creative with your bottles. You can repurpose any glass bottle you have by applying a section of chalkboard paint. Use a chalk)board pen (found at any craft store) to note the name, date and batch. I purchased bottles of smaller size (4 oz and 8 oz ) on Amazon to fill and give as gifts. I purchased larger 28 oz bottles at our local Home Brew shop.

– This recipe produces a limoncello that’s sweet. We enjoy a small digestif before bedtime or on a hot afternoon swinging in our hammock. Use a shot as a base for lemon drops or add a small shot to your iced tea.

– If you decide you want something less sweet, play with the intensity of your simple syrup. Be sure you make notes of what you altered so you can replicate your recipe in the future.


Sip and Enjoy!

Valerie Reddemann

Guest Blogger


20 ways to Celebrate Lemon


This week at Season in a Trunk we are celebrating lemon. Whether we are cooking with it or captivated by the color, we are going to add a little lemony zest into your life this week.  So get ready to be inspired by the vibrant kick of lemon.

1.  Drink a cup of lemon water a day to keep the doctor away.  Great for aiding with digestion.


photo courtesy

2.  Plant a Meyer’s lemon in a container, learn how here.

3.  The delicious zip of Spring. Try your hand at making Lemon Sorbet without an ice cream maker.


photo courtesy

4.  Ride a lemon inspired bike.

season-in-a-trunk-yellow- bike

photo courtesy

5.  Buy a lemon zester.  Believe us it makes cooking way more fun! Available at any kitchen store.

6. Make lemon bars, yum!

7.  Paint your front door lemon and gain some serious curb appeal.


photo courtesy

8. Pick yellow blooming branches and gather together for a monochromatic look.

9.  Simple accents make all the difference. Check out these lemon colored votives that brighten up any dinner party.

10.  Don’t let the April showers get you down. Spark it up with some yellow rain boots, they will be sure to put a spring in your step.

yellow rain boots

photo courtesy

11.  Paint an old vintage mirror a bright lemon yellow and brighten up your living space.

12.  Make Lemon Chicken, here’s my  favorite low-cal recipe, I make it in the Crock-pot, a family favorite!

13. Go modern with your wreath. Check out this limoncello lacquer magnolia wreath, very chic.


14.  Starfish are all the rage this summer. Look for a starfish inspired trunk in the upcoming Summer Season in a Trunk.

season-in-a-trunk-yellow -starfish

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15.  Accent a wall in your home with these lemon colors.

16.  Cut up lemons and use in a clear vase to give a little pop to your floral arrangement. Great for parties or wedding centerpieces.


photo courtesy

17. Add lemon to your homemade pizza. I am not kidding, this is amazing!

18. DIY citrus candle centerpieces. All you need is a wick, some oil and a little carving expertise and you have a glowing masterpiece. Here’s the tutorial.


photo courtesy

19.  Have aching feet? Lemon Sugar Scrub will do the trick.


photo courtesy

20. Needs no explanation.

season-in-a-trunk-lemon- quote

photo courtesy

May your day be zestful!



Top 10 Colorful Spring Blossoms


I love this quote! It’s a more zenful approach to the quote we all know, “Stop and Smell the Roses.”  Life is all about stopping and giving your attention to something beautiful, whatever shape or form it may come in.  Spring is all about beauty and the blossoms are a huge gift from mother nature. Today I am spreading a little cheerfulness and celebrating my top 10 favorite Spring blossoms and even a few creative ways to accent them into your life.

1.  Cherry Blossoms.  Spring has sprung when the cherries are blossoming their beautiful pink flowers.  Pick a few and accent them in your bike basket, ride around town and spread some cheer.


photo courtesy

2.  Tulips. I love walking the farmer’s market and enjoying the different colors of tulips, the vibrant colors  immediately make me smile.


photo courtesy

3.  Daffodils- Color blocking florals is a modern way to get a clean and fresh look. I especially love doing this with daffodils, the bright yellow is a show stopper especially placed in a decorative pot.


photo courtesy

4.  Forsythia. My most favorite bloom of Spring is forsythia. The yellow blossom screams springtime. I love this idea of pairing the vibrant branches up with some fun rain boots for a stylish entry statement.


photo courtesy

5.  The Dogwood. It might be the state flower of North Carolina, but it is enjoyed all throughout the country.


photo courtesy

6.  White Hydrangea. I am a huge fan of the white hydrangea, the big fluffy  blossoms are so modern and chic, but paired up in a rustic container adds a bit of an eclectic flair.


photo courtesy

7.  Star Magnolia- If you have not had the privilege to see a star magnolia in full bloom, here is your chance.  My neighbor has the most magnificent star magnolia which blooms every Spring right outside my kitchen window. Truly magical.


photo courtesy

8.  Mix it Up. Get creative with your Spring flowers.  When creating an assorted pot, remember to layer your plants, different heights and textures create a unique look.


photo courtesy

9.  Liliac’s. Purple. Purple. Purple. Placed in a simple mason jar  this look is the perfect accent for your gathering.


photo courtesy

10. Garden Party. Vibrant blooms mixed with succulents is a hip and springy vibe for your next garden party.


photo courtesy

Spread the cheerfulness and celebrate the Spring blooms this season!


garden featured image

Find your Spring Garden Style

season-in-a-trunk-chalkboard- garden

The sun is shining, the air is brisk and our gardens are ready to get a little love! But this isn’t your grandma’s garden so lets add some zest to it (and i’m not talking about your lemons). Green thumb or black thumb these are some of our favorite ways to have the best garden in the neighborhood, whether or not it actually grows.

The Native Planter- These white ceramic hanging planters are the perfect modern twist for your garden, we love the look of the white on a wooden fence. Vertical gardens are SO in right now and add another dimension to your yard decor. season-in-a-trunk-native-planter

Add a little color into the garden this year. Check out this Wine Bottle Rainbow Tree, you can create your very own art piece. Just add crystals, beads or other fun materials. It also acts as a perch for all the pollinating birds singing around your garden.


A Foldable Garden Tool Bag- This is both cute and practical. We are always searching for our gloves or a shovel but with this our lives became 10 times easier. All of our stuff in one place and it stores easily…score!

season-in-a-trunk-garden-bagGarden Recycled Barn Metal Sign- The look of recycled barn metal in a garden full of colorful plants and veggies is a spring dream! Thank you Bittersweet Springs for creating  this accent piece, we dig it’s rustic feel. Easy to hang and it comes in a variety of words, we personally love this garden sign!


How to label your plants- There are tons of creative ways to organize your garden! No more leaving the labels that come with the plant, take your decor outdoors! Use wooden kitchen spoons, paint flat rocks, or create your own chalkboard labels. Use your individual style that you have worked so hard for indoors and spread it to your garden.

2ae36e867c59886c2b9bd52301dff6a0Photo Courtesy 

We are so excited to watch our gardens grow this spring! Whether you are an amazing gardener or you can’t keep a cactus alive (guilty) there is nothing more joyful than those first few sprouts of life!


5 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


Happy March 17th! It’s St. Patrick’s Day and whether your Irish or not, it has a way of bringing the green out in all of us.  So it’s time to pull out your Irish garb and pour the Guinness, we are celebrating the luck o’ the Irish at  Season in a Trunk  today.


Here’s 5 ways to celebrate St. Paddy’s day in Style.

1. We like to roll with the big glasses, some press on tattoos, throw in a boa and that’s what we call St. Paddy’s Day. You got to dress the part, turn an ordinary day at work into a lively green celebration.


photo courtesy

We love the funky nails.


photo courtesy

2.  It’s so in style to be skinny…skinny in your cocktail! Try a Skinny Shamrock Shake today, save the calories and try this recipe  We like to add a little Irish Whiskey to spark it up a bit.


photo courtesy

3.  Chalkboards are Oh so stylish. We love this pub sign, turn your St. Patrick’s Day party into a pub style celebration.


photo courtesy

4.  Set the scene.  Create a St. Patrick’s Day themed tablescape.  Keep it simple, roll out the moss, accent with some lucky coins and line with some sparkly votives.  Don’t forget to serve the corned beef and cabbage.


photo courtesy

5.  Get creative with shamrock shaped tortilla chips. We love this idea!  Pick up some spinach tortillas at your local grocery store, you can find them pretty much everywhere these days.  Use a shamrock shaped cookie cutter and cut out the fun shapes.  Fry them up and serve with your favorite dip.  A simple and festive addition to your St. Patrick’s Day party.


photo courtesy

May the luck of the Irish be with y’all today! Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


10 Different ways to Cook with Mint

season-in-a-trunk-mint-recipes It’s a minty kind of week as we roll out our spring seasonal color, you guessed it, mint!  So I thought it was only appropriate to keep the theme in full force this week and share with you my favorite recipes using mint.  It is one of my favorite herbs to cook with and reminds me of the fresh lightness of spring. Because mint grows well in most climates, it’s considered a very hardy herb and used widely is recipes throughout the world.  Here’s a little tip: plant mint in pots as it goes crazy, it’s a little easier to control and you can place near your kitchen for easy picking. When throwing a dinner party, pick some mint, rub it between your palms to release the aroma and place under the tablecloth, the fresh smell will entice your guests and get them in a springy kind of mood. With that said, let’s get cooking!

Chickpea Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

A fresh spring salad to bring to a party!


Moroccan Spice Carrots with Feta + Mint

This is one of my favorites the colors are so fresh.


Strawberry, Lime and Cucumber Mint Water-

Spark up your water at your next party!


Homemade Thin Mints

Girl Scouts move over, these are to die for.


Thai Mango Salad with Fresh Mint

Perfect for an afternoon luncheon.


Potato Samosas with Mint

If you have not tried a samosa, it’s about time you did, the Indian favorite will send your taste buds soaring.



Reminds me of my travels to Greece.


Pea, Mint and Spring  Onion Soup

A great touch to a spring evening.


Honey Mint Lemonade



True Mint Ice Cream

My families favorite.


Have a Minty Day!