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Romantic Valentine’s Date Tips for Couples

Cupid is coming! Store’s are filled with chocolates, teddy bears, roses and you can’t escape the love anywhere. Every year you make the same reservations, at the same restaurant, for the same Valentine’s night you have every year! It’s time to mix it up and HEAT it up! Here are some easy Valentine tips to help you plan a night to remember.

1. Build a living room fort- Kids have all the fun…but not tonight! Get your love bug, grab pillows, blankets, lights, and your favorite bottle of wine! Build an epic living room fort that would make your kid’s jealous! Now pop that cork and cuddle up, you are set for a night that will bring out your inner child and re-kindle your love.


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2. Cook together- Finally take the chance to slow it down! Life, kids, work, and everything else you have on your plate has kept you and your sweetheart too far apart. When was the last time you both cooked and then sat down to eat together? Look up a new recipe so you and your favorite sous chef can work together. Get table setting tips from our Survival Guide!

3.Spa night together- Re-connect and re-kindle. Light the candles, dim the lights, and work off some of that stress together. Take turns giving each other massages, nibble on some chocolate strawberries, and sip some champagne. This is a night to never leave the bedroom. :)


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4.Re-enact your first date- Take a step back in time. Go back to your first date; the butterflies, the conversation, being nervous to eat too messy or too fast. Maybe you didn’t think you would get a second date or maybe that’s the night you fell in love. Either way go back to where it all began for you!

5.Love letter reveal- Here is a challenge for Valentine’s Day! Both you and yours write each other a love letter. Try to not just simply say “I Love You” but use other words to describe exactly what you love and appreciate about the person. It is the simple everyday things that keep us falling in love, lets take this day to remind that person how happy their shower singing makes us!


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Let your love take over! Be creative, be romantic, and be YOU!

Wishing you and yours a life full of LOVE!

We love you.


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