What is a HAPPY Home?



HELLO to all my trunk loving friends! I wanted to spread a little HAPPY with you today. We’ve been working hard at Season in a Trunk  producing a video that captured the purpose of our new product line. YES, we’ve launched! Unlock Home is my journey in design to create happiness in the home   The first trunk released is HAPPY and is the foundation behind my mission to create happy homes.Please watch. Enjoy. Share.  Happy lives in all of us, sometimes we just need to unlock it.






Fall Bucket List – We <3 This Season

When the movie Bucket List came out it opened the eyes of many people to create a list of the things to do before they die.  So I got to thinking, we should create a bucket list  of all the things we would like to accomplish this season. WHY NOT? Life is short, live it up!  Set your goals small, one season at a time. Focus on the simple things, the playful things, the things that make you smile. Enjoy the traditions a season brings.  Sit down  with a  piece of paper and a pen, list all the things you would like to experience this season, then get creative with it. Put it on a chalk board, make a vision board for the season, hang it on your fridge. Whatever it takes for you to remind yourself that the season will pass and so will your dreams if you don’t seize the moment.



I challenge each and every one of  you to create your own bucket list for the fall season. If you would like to inspire others, snap a photo and email me at christa@seasoninatrunk.com, I might just share your bucket list on our blog. Dig in. Inspire. Share your passion. I dare you.