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5 Ways to Make Your Home HAPPY -Unlock It.


1. Make your Bed. Start off on the right foot, when you make your bed you’ll crave a little more organization in your life because you’ll appreciate how good it makes you feel. And if we feel good, we are happy. Don’t you just want to jump into that nicely made bed!


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2. Fresh Cut Flowers-I love this photo, I think she looks so happy. Whether it’s cutting your own flowers in your backyard, going to farmer’s market or hitting your local grocery store, fresh cut flowers will make you smile. Their cheerfulness puts a spring in your step and lightens your home with fresh positive energy.

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3. Choose Colors that Flatter YOU! I know this sounds a bit crazy, but for example,  if you have bright red hair and you walk into an orange kitchen, I think you might clash a bit. Choose colors that flatter your best assets, make you shine, make you the king of your castle. I love green, I wear a lot of green as it goes with my green eyes and blonde hair, so I naturally find myself accenting my home with the calming color. Find your color in the rainbow and slide down to your pot of gold, then sit back and watch it brighten your mood.


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4.  Express Yourself- Art tells a story, I am not talking about the stock art you pick up in the store that half your block might have hanging on their walls, I am talking creativity. Art that crates a memory, a feeling when you were on vacation, a handmade piece from your kids, or a family symbol that keeps your tradition alive. What makes a home happy is putting YOU in it, so take a look around your home and ask yourself if your art tells your story. Here’s what I came home to the other day, my kids got a little crafty. Total Framer!


 5. Let go of the Crap. Sorry, that’s a little harsh, but really so many people hold onto things that make them hold negative feelings. We feel this obligation to keep things just because they were given to us, don’t get me wrong, I am all for memories, but if you hate it, here’s what I am telling you, bless it and move it along. So I wanted to share this quote with you.


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 I am gonna let you in on a little secret I do daily. When I walk through my front door everyday, I say, “thank you.” I might not say it out loud, but I am thinking it! It’s a fun little game I play with myself to recharge my mind into HAPPY and to appreciate the support my home gives me everyday.  It is as simple as that.


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Five Feng Shui Tips for a Festive Home

I am so excited this week to feature a guest blogger, who happens to be my Mom! :)  My Mom and I went through Feng Shui training together through the Western School of Feng Shui.  It was a fun mother-daughter experience and we love spreading the “good vibes”  to create spaces that are balanced and in harmony.  Here are some tips to add a little Feng Shui into your holiday decorating. Thanks Mom!

Five Feng Shui Tips for a Festive Home

By: Lynn Phillips

Bring some Feng Shui magic into your home this season and your holidays will sparkle with peace, and harmony through the coming year.

Feng Shui (pronounced “fung shwy”) is the art and science of arranging your surroundings in harmony and balance with the natural world around you.  As you prepare your home for the presence of family and friends at this holiday season a few Feng Shui tips can help you balance the energy in your home, and create less strain on your physical and psychological energies.  Creating space is essential to balancing at this time of year.

1.  The first, and most important, is clearing the clutter to prepare for the treasures you have accumulated to dress your home for the festivities.  In Feng Shui a crowded space creates slow, stagnant energy.  Additionally, the winter season is yin energy (slower) and therefore clutter further creates blocked energy.  Remove a piece of furniture in order to create space for the Christmas tree and presents.  Go from room to room and put away everyday knick-knacks, photos and display items, which makes room for energy enhancing seasonal decorations.

2.  The front door is the access point for ch’I and is the main mouth through which ch’i can enter the home.  Enhance the entrance to invite positive energy during the holiday season.  Use pine or evergreen branches or garland in the entry to ward off negative energies and invite fortune and luck.


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   3.  The Christmas tree provides a powerful Fire Element symbol because of the triangular shape. In Feng, Shui, green diffuses stress and creates a peaceful environment. Cool and peaceful green balances out the fire or heat from red ornament of the Christmas tree. If you are using a garland swag relax it a bit into a smile on your mantle.  Decorations with ends that hang down create a subconscious sadness.   Place some decorations at eye level to “lift” the energy in the room.


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4.   Avoid over-decorating the tree. In Feng Sui the recommendation is that you surround yourself with only those objects you love, and holiday decorations are no exception.    Trimming the tree either alone or with your family provides an opportunity to connect us with the past.  The ornaments that we have in our home represent our unique connections to our family. For example many of our ornaments are from our travels and as we place them on our tree my husband and I talk about those special adventures.

5.  Invite the outdoors in by adding berries, greens, pinecones, pointsetteias and nuts in your décor. By bringing in nature indoors counterbalances the winter darkness and limited light of the short days. 


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Wishing you a sparkling holiday with peace and harmony.

Lynn Phillips

Feng Shui Consultant


Spring Cleaning with Intention

Learn how spring cleaning with intention can is good feng shui & can have real results in your life. From our Feng Shui expert here at Outdoor Trunk, Christa!

It’s that time… Spring Cleaning is in the house! Pull your peeps together and create some intention.

Whenever it is Spring cleaning time in my house, we dust off the umbrellas, dig in the dirt, plant our garden, clean our pool, have a little family fun.  Every year I say the same thing, “I wonder what we stirred up in our life today? What’s going to open up for us now?”  I think my kids think I am a little nuts, but every year it totally works. They think their mom is magic, SHHHH, let them think that, really I am using the power of intention.

I have studied the Western School of Feng Shui for years and have practiced the principles in many of my designs.  I am a true believer that when we design with purpose and intention we  open our self up to so many possibilities. In a brief description, Feng Shui is the study of arranging your environment to enhance the quality of your life.  Feng Shui means wind and water, without wind we have no change, without water we have no life.  Make sense? You must move and shift your environment to match the life and things that you want in it.  Pretty simple thinking, right? These principles have been used for centuries in eastern cultures and has gained popularity in western thinking. Clear your clutter, love the environment you live in, enhance it to represent the person you are and aspire to be.

So today, I invite you to give it a shot. Step out in your yard, clean a section with true intention. Here’s an example: You might clean with a mantra like this, “I am cleaning up the money issues in my life” or “it’s time to get my relationship back on track, ” whatever it is, put your energy and purpose into your spring cleaning this year.  Clean out the junk and watch what happens in your life, it just takes paying attention to it.

In the days to follow, watch your intention come to life!

Happy Spring Cleaning,