What is a HAPPY Home?



HELLO to all my trunk loving friends! I wanted to spread a little HAPPY with you today. We’ve been working hard at Season in a Trunk  producing a video that captured the purpose of our new product line. YES, we’ve launched! Unlock Home is my journey in design to create happiness in the home   The first trunk released is HAPPY and is the foundation behind my mission to create happy homes.Please watch. Enjoy. Share.  Happy lives in all of us, sometimes we just need to unlock it.





Trunk Tip Round-up: Tis’ the Season!

Trunk Tip: DIY Hand stamped ornaments are an easy and special way to commemorate the exciting events of the year.


 Trunk Tip: Egg Nog French Toast…Yum. Put a holiday twist on your favorite breakfast.

This treat is perfect for Christmas morning around the fire! Can we eat breakfast for every meal?

Trunk Tip:Add a twist! Wrap your gifts with white wrapping paper, then use chalkboard spray paint!

Chalk on names, finish with a burlap bow! Perfection!


Trunk Tip: Grab the kids and decorate rice crispy treat trees. Fun for the whole family! 7ed78d94759a044b28dc1d0cc0697959