Your Valentine’s Day Playlist


This week I am focusing on the wonderful sense of hearing. Music makes my world go around, so I wanted to share my Valentine’s Day playlist that will be sure to fill your home with love. I hope you enjoy!

1. “You and Me” by Dave Matthews Band

2. “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran

3.  “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” by Stevie Wonder (my favorite!)

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4. “Love on Top” by Beyonce

5. “Your Body is a Wonderland” by John Mayer (he’s my boyfriend)



6. “Crazy Love” by Van Morrison ( my wedding song!)

7. “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin (this is for you my friend, Erin)

8. “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel

9. “Love for All Seasons” by  Christina Aguilera



10. “Everything is Sound” by Jason Mraz (he’s my other boyfriend!)



5 Simple Steps to a Loving Home


It’s that season and love is in the air. I’ve been all wrapped up in the word LOVE as I just finished designing my latest trunk, you got it… LOVE.  I did a lot of thinking of what really creates a loving home and the key ingredients to ignite the magic. Every time I create a new trunk,  I absorb myself in the experience of the holiday or the season.  I find myself relying on my 5 senses to truly capture the experience.  I imagine what it would taste like? Whats sounds do I hear? What does it smell like?  So, as we’re approaching Valentine’s Day I wanted to share 5 simple steps to help spark up the romance or make you hug your kids a little bit longer.


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1.  Music. Music. Music. It’s all about music! Set the mood. I’m not talking about only on the big V day, that’s a given. Come home from work this month and load up your favorite love songs and watch your home transform into a mellow and nurturing environment. Here’s one of my favorite love stations on Pandora to get you started.

2. Light a Candle. Candle burning is an ancient practice, almost everyone who lights a candle has an intention in mind. Whether it’s a little more  heat in the bedroom or deeper connections with your friends, light your candle with the intention to bring more love into your home.

3. Get Cooking. The smell of food conjures up feelings of love. It might be your favorite recipe your mom cooked for you as a child, or maybe what you ate on your first date. Explore food this month, get creative! FYI: many foods are aphrodisiacs, just sayin’ :)

4. Appreciate.  Stop and smell the roses. I thought about this step a lot as we often forget to appreciate the love that’s right in front of us everyday. Our daily lives are hectic, we simply need to stop and feel the love around us. I promise it’s there. It’s one of my own personal goals to appreciate more, so I decided to make it one of the steps for a loving home.

5. Give your Home a Hug. I know this might sound a little corny, but it works. If you love your home, it will love you back. It provides a safe and nurturing space for you and your family. A loving affirmation when you unlock your door sets the tone for the rest of your evening.


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Spread the Love.




10 Valentine Gifts for Everyone you Love


On Valentine’s Day sometimes we only think about our sweetheart, but what about all the people you love and appreciate in your life? So this year, we decided to make it easy for you.  We put together our top 10 favorite Valentine gift ideas for everyone in your life.

Top 10 Valentine Gifts for everyone you LOVE:

1.  For your four-legged friend:

Cranberry Heart Dog Treats.   They deserve the LOVE too. Get the recipe


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2.  For the Proposal:

Marry Me Package: Looking to take the next step with your special someone? You just add the ring! We knew you would get a little nervous so we thought  the Liquid Courage Flask might help push you over the edge. The red throw is so comfy and soft, now all you have to do is snuggle up with your special someone under the moonlight and pop the question.


3.  For the  little people in your life:

I love this idea for your kids classroom valentine party. Check out how to do it here.


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4.  For the Bigger Kids in your life

Bee my Valentine: We love this idea. Great for your teenage girls that always need to dab on a little lip balm.


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5. For the Jokester:

Boobies Terrarium: Yep. What you think you saw is exactly what you saw. Boobs. Tatas. Bosoms. She doesn’t care how you refer to them, she just wants you to see them—and no one can stop her. Perhaps she’s inspired by her natural surroundings. Whatever it is, this female flasher feeling feisty, is sure to add spice to your Valentines Day.


6.  For the Wino:

Love the Wine You’re With Canteen: Most ladies love their wine, when they have everything, it’s the perfect gift.  It holds a whole bottle. Gotta love that :)


7.  For the Artsy Type:

I love you a million times around the world, a fire pit will light up the romance!


8.  For your Teacher: 

You’re a Sweet Teacher. It’s that simple, put some candy in cellophane bag and tie it up with this sweet little note. Also, makes a sweet gift for a friend!


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9.  For your Parents:

Metal Hearts: Don’t forget about the people who raised you.  Show your love in many shapes and sizes.


10.For your Neighbor

Make these fun Heart-Shaped Bird Seed, here’s how.


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Happy Valentine’s day! Spread the LOVE.

Valentine's Featured

Romantic Valentine’s Date Tips for Couples

Cupid is coming! Store’s are filled with chocolates, teddy bears, roses and you can’t escape the love anywhere. Every year you make the same reservations, at the same restaurant, for the same Valentine’s night you have every year! It’s time to mix it up and HEAT it up! Here are some easy Valentine tips to help you plan a night to remember.

1. Build a living room fort- Kids have all the fun…but not tonight! Get your love bug, grab pillows, blankets, lights, and your favorite bottle of wine! Build an epic living room fort that would make your kid’s jealous! Now pop that cork and cuddle up, you are set for a night that will bring out your inner child and re-kindle your love.


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2. Cook together- Finally take the chance to slow it down! Life, kids, work, and everything else you have on your plate has kept you and your sweetheart too far apart. When was the last time you both cooked and then sat down to eat together? Look up a new recipe so you and your favorite sous chef can work together. Get table setting tips from our Survival Guide!

3.Spa night together- Re-connect and re-kindle. Light the candles, dim the lights, and work off some of that stress together. Take turns giving each other massages, nibble on some chocolate strawberries, and sip some champagne. This is a night to never leave the bedroom. :)


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4.Re-enact your first date- Take a step back in time. Go back to your first date; the butterflies, the conversation, being nervous to eat too messy or too fast. Maybe you didn’t think you would get a second date or maybe that’s the night you fell in love. Either way go back to where it all began for you!

5.Love letter reveal- Here is a challenge for Valentine’s Day! Both you and yours write each other a love letter. Try to not just simply say “I Love You” but use other words to describe exactly what you love and appreciate about the person. It is the simple everyday things that keep us falling in love, lets take this day to remind that person how happy their shower singing makes us!


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Let your love take over! Be creative, be romantic, and be YOU!

Wishing you and yours a life full of LOVE!

We love you.


Dude’s Survival Guide to Valentine’s Day

Show this to your man to make sure he treats you right this Valentine’s Day!

Let’s be honest, if us ladies didn’t tell them EXACTLY what to do, a romantic night would never get planned! This video includes 7 steps, so easy a man could do it LOL.

Dude’s Survival Kit to Valentine’s Day

All women really want is the effort! Here are our tips to help you get lucky this Valentine’s Day!

  1. Plan a romantic evening for two at home.
  2. Buy red roses. Every girl loves red roses on a special day.
  3. Set the table for a romantic dinner for two. This is where your survival kit comes into play. Grab the red votives, copper fairy lighting, and burlap runner. Check out the video for ideas www.
  4. Start the evening with some brie and bread. It’s easy we promise. Preheat the oven to 350 and place brie on a cookie sheet. Bake for 5-7 minutes or until it starts to ooze but not melt. Serve with sliced green apples and crackers. Remember to put it on a pretty plate!
  5. Plan a no fail dinner. Grab her favorite restaurant’s take-out. It’s easy all you have to do is put it on a plate and throw away the evidence!
  6. Is she a bubbly kinda girl or does she prefer tequila? Pick up HER favorite bottle not yours. Remember it’s all about her!
  7. We all know that you are the dessert, but let’s get real, all women really want is a little piece of chocolate. Snuggle up with your red throw possibly in the bedroom and feed her chocolates one by one, consider this foreplay.


Happy Love Day!



Purple Love

Today is one of my favorite days of the year, I am such a sucker for “love.” I am totally in love with love (my friends who know me, don’t laugh out loud). I have always been the girl that draws the little heart by my name.  It’s my gig and I LOVE it! So, with that said, how about sprucing up your outdoor space with a little valentine love? I’ve got the perfect thing, a purple heart! It’s totally me, but I’m thinkin’ you might like it too.


Check out this Purple Outdoor Candy Heart Sign by Ivy’s Wood Creations on Etsy