10 Valentine Gifts for Everyone you Love


On Valentine’s Day sometimes we only think about our sweetheart, but what about all the people you love and appreciate in your life? So this year, we decided to make it easy for you.  We put together our top 10 favorite Valentine gift ideas for everyone in your life.

Top 10 Valentine Gifts for everyone you LOVE:

1.  For your four-legged friend:

Cranberry Heart Dog Treats.   They deserve the LOVE too. Get the recipe


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2.  For the Proposal:

Marry Me Package: Looking to take the next step with your special someone? You just add the ring! We knew you would get a little nervous so we thought  the Liquid Courage Flask might help push you over the edge. The red throw is so comfy and soft, now all you have to do is snuggle up with your special someone under the moonlight and pop the question.


3.  For the  little people in your life:

I love this idea for your kids classroom valentine party. Check out how to do it here.


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4.  For the Bigger Kids in your life

Bee my Valentine: We love this idea. Great for your teenage girls that always need to dab on a little lip balm.


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5. For the Jokester:

Boobies Terrarium: Yep. What you think you saw is exactly what you saw. Boobs. Tatas. Bosoms. She doesn’t care how you refer to them, she just wants you to see them—and no one can stop her. Perhaps she’s inspired by her natural surroundings. Whatever it is, this female flasher feeling feisty, is sure to add spice to your Valentines Day.


6.  For the Wino:

Love the Wine You’re With Canteen: Most ladies love their wine, when they have everything, it’s the perfect gift.  It holds a whole bottle. Gotta love that :)


7.  For the Artsy Type:

I love you a million times around the world, a fire pit will light up the romance!


8.  For your Teacher: 

You’re a Sweet Teacher. It’s that simple, put some candy in cellophane bag and tie it up with this sweet little note. Also, makes a sweet gift for a friend!


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9.  For your Parents:

Metal Hearts: Don’t forget about the people who raised you.  Show your love in many shapes and sizes.


10.For your Neighbor

Make these fun Heart-Shaped Bird Seed, here’s how.


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Happy Valentine’s day! Spread the LOVE.

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